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Evidence-based, modern, hands-on treatment

Manual therapy is our expertise!  Evidence-based, modern treatment techniques such as joint mobilization/manipulation, dry needling, cupping, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization help us address unresolved pain. 

Manual Therapy

Dry needling is a modern, science-based intervention, rooted in western medicine and musculoskeletal diagnoses.   The goal is to disrupt the "pain generator" or "neurological feedback loop" from the brain, allowing the body to reignite the healing process. It is used in the treatment of such musculoskeletal conditions as: neck and back pain (stenosis), osteoarthritis, hip/buttock pain (piriformis syndrome), plantar fasciitis.   

Dry Needling

We are skilled in the post-operative treatment of orthopedic surgeries, especially hip arthroscopy (addressing FAI and labral tear), ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff tear, and total joint replacements.

Postoperative Orthopedic Surgery

Injury prevention is a passion of ours!  As athletes ourselves, we know how important it is to keep the body finely tuned and prevent injury before it even occurs.   

Prehab & Injury Prevention
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