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Passive Range: Flexion <90deg, IR <20deg, ER 0deg, and Ext <10deg


Circumduction: Short Axis and Long Axis, Clockwise and Counterclockwise circles; performed 4x/day (10 revolutions each direction, total of 120 revolutions/day)


Home Exercises: supine (lying on your back) hip abduction and adduction isometric holds, glut sets, quad sets, and ankle pumps; cycle x20mins; CPM 4hours/day (broken into 1hr increments)


Home Exercises: as noted above with the addition of partial weight bearing (PWB) bridging, transversus abdominis roll-up/crunch, pelvic tilts

WEEK 1-2

Home Exercises: PWB bridging continued (increased weight per PT instruction), standing hip abduction and extension (<10deg) performed on op-side (progression per PT), op-side hamstring curls, and partial weight bearing (PWB) calf raises; progressions added PWB mini squats and quadruped weight shifts

WEEK 2-4
Hip Passive Range of Motion
HEP Week 2-4
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