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Improve your run or game!

At Embody PT, we are well versed in the treatment of common orthopedic injuries sustained by the endurance athlete.  As we ourselves are determined and motivated to participate in the sports we love; and with over 20+ years of experience (...)

Running Gait Analysis

A golfer’s ability to swing a golf club in the most efficient manner possible is directly related to his/her physical make-up.  What is often not realized, is that physical limitations can limit one's game and often result, eventually in pain (...)

TPI Assessment

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a therapist who "speaks your language."  At Embody PT, in preventative care for our athletes(...)


We have over 20+ years of experience in the performance arts.  We know what an "arabesque, cabriole, and fondu" are, and we are trained to look for movement dysfunction in the dancer (...)  

Prehab for Everyone

Yoga has proven to be a safe and effective way to alleviate and manage many forms of back pain and neck pain.  At Embody PT, we believe in the therapeutic benefits of yoga and utilize many poses/asana as a means of "exercise."  What is more, we have undergone teacher trainings, receiving designation as RYT 200 by Yoga Alliance (...)

Yoga For Everyone
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