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Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

About Us

In 2015, Embody PT was established with the hope of changing what people think when they hear physical therapy. The goal was to build a practice solely focused on the patient as a whole. Where there are real exchanges with patients and ample time to assess the problems.

It is our mission to redefine the industry and shed light on what physical therapy––with manual, hands-on treatment––is as well as how living pain-free does not have to be a dream.  

We want to help you Embody Your Vision!


How We Are Different

Here at Embody PT, you are treated by the same PT every visit for an entire hour. 

We utilized private treatment rooms, a spacious, well equipt gym, and a multi-purpose studio used for plyometrics, yoga, and advanced fitness


Our unique hands-on, holistic approach achieves superior results with patients dealing with chronic pain or movement dysfunction, which perhaps has been unsuccessful in other PT clinics. 


​Chronic mid or low back pain, hip/groin pain, FAI/labral tears, piriformis syndrome, SIJ dysfunction, herniated discs, stenosis...this is our expertise.

Evidence-based, modern treatment techniques such as joint mobilization/manipulation, dry needling, cupping, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization help us address unresolved pain. 

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